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Please note: this catalogue will be available only until the end of December 2017. iDiscover is the new way to search the University's print and online collections.

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    • Enter a title phrase into the search box above and press Search.
    • You can choose to search by author, keyword, etc. from the central drop-down menu above the search box.
      • "Keyword" searches for keywords in all fields. Very common words are not indexed, so "Pride and Prejudice" won't work, whereas "Pride Prejudice" will.
      • "Author" searches for names of personal or corporate authors or editors. It does not search for names in subject fields. It finds works by, rather than about, an author.
      • "Title" searches for words or phrases in title fields. It does not search for words in subject fields.
      • "Subject" searches for words or phrases only in authorized subject heading fields. Beware variations in standard form, e.g. St or Saint. Spellings may be English or American.
      • "Journal Title" is the same as "Title", but only searches catalogue records for journals/serials, e.g., Journal of Banking Regulation.
    • ISBNs must not include punctuation, e.g., 9780814333266. ISSNs must include punctuation, e.g., 0959-8138.
    • You can use ? to truncate (biol?) or to find singular and plural (peptide?).
  • Combine Search Terms:
    • Select "X2 Match" or "X3 Match" from the Match menu above the search box. You can refine your search by combining it (AND, OR, NOT) with search terms in other fields, e.g., Title AND Author, or other search terms in the same field, e.g., Trollope NOT Joanna.
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    • You can add or change location and change database using the menu items in the upper blue box on the left.
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  • On-line Resources:
    • Cambridge libraries subscribe to numerous on-line resources, such as e-books and e-journals. A search of any library will also automatically check these resources for a match. Outside the cam domain, you may need to enter your Raven password to access them. Additional on-line resources may be found in the menu below the Cambridge shield.
  • Further Help:
    • Ask at the library desk.